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The apps below are examples of what is possible and/or what customers have done using GatesBoy™.

Versatility and Power

Interfaces Instruments
Analog I/O Battery Tester
Barcode Color WAP
Bluetooth Cuddly Toy
CAN Data Logger
CD ROM Display Driver
Chat Pen (Eriksson) Electronic Book
GPS Electronic City Guide
Hard Disk Electronic Reference
iButton Electronic Tag Reader
IDE Electronic Timetable
Internet Electronic Tutorial
IrDA Engine Diagnostics
JPEG Environmental Monitoring
Keyboard Fast Food Order Taking
Keyboard Wedge ISDN Tester
Meter-Bus JTAG Programmer
MIDI Landmine Detector
Mobile Phone Medical log / patient chart
MP3 Metal Detector
Motor Control Metronome
NMEA 0183 Museum / Theme Park Guides
Opto Coupler Musical Instrument Tuner
Oscilloscope My First PLD
RS232 Nautical Almanac
Second Processor Navigation Instruments
SmartMedia Card Network Tester
SPI Noise Cancellation
TV Remote OBD Computer Terminal
USB Portable Terminal
User Interface (Enhanced) Robots
Voltmeter RS232 Analyser
Sleep / Wake Up System
Speech Recognition
Stock Control
Stopwatch / Timer
Talking Instrument
Video Effects Editor

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What you cannot do with GatesBoy™

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