Version History

20020926 0252
Long time since since last but another version is now finaly available including big font example for my man Dave! Next example will probably be a J2ME game I have made earlier converted to GBALua...

20020731 1110
New version! Available from the download page. No major changes. Check out what's different in the history page.

20020724 1129
Been working on some small issues. Found an fixed some small errors in the GBALuaCore. Also, I'm working on a new example (example4) which will be somewhat more complex than the earlier examples. I'm probably gonna upload the new release this friday or something like that. Check out the new Version History page for all the new things.

But there is one thing bugging me at the moment and that is that I really think that it's harder to develop lua code for GBALua than I intended from the begining. Right now I think that it would be very helpfull with alot of supporting functions that could be accessed by the developer. This is no problem at all but the thing is where these functions should be stored. Either static within the GBALuaCore or they could be added on as the developer wants them. Gotta think about that for a while.

20020719 1407
Released the first real version since the pre-release. This version is namned 0.9. Some examples are added to the dev-kit release available from the download section. The source release is a little flaky still. All the sources should be in there but the makefile needs alot of improvements.

20020718 0136
Major redesign of the site, alot of info added and new colors and fonts.

20020718 0136
Ok, it was a long time since i updated this site. In fact, I had almost abandoned to whole project. However, David at contacted me about making some improvements so that it would be easier to use in his projects. I agreed to help him some. In fact, it's been alot of fun. And most important, it's alot easier to use GBALua now. There is for example no need to have an compiler installed, unless one would like to modify the GBALuaCore interpretator code in some way. Also, now it is possible to add all kinds of data without the trouble of recompile every time. All the functions that where accessing the GBA hardware has been removed because of a new, much more general way of writing directly to whatever register. The PCX2Agb tool has been updated to work with this new way of adding data, and a new tool called GBALuaAppend is added. This new tool is an essential part since it is responsible for the acctuall adding of the data in such a way so that the GBALuaCore is able to handle it. Another nice thing is that the GBALuaCore is now both smaller and faster. So, as you can see, alot has changed! Try it out, and see for yourselves.

20020319 1324
Wow, well all of a sudden it seems like the site is online. This was sort of a surprise for me as i had almost stopped to work in this project thinking that nobody would be interested in it. But it turned out that Daivd Nathan at was interested and agreed to host the site (thanks David!). Ok, but now that it's online you can judge for yourself if it's anything I should spend more time working on. It would be nice if somebody dropped a line telling me what of what you think is missing and what is most urgent to fix. If you get it to work at all that is :)

20020305 1656
Finished first version of site. Documentation compleate (well, as a first verion anyway). Added improvements section.

20020225 2222
Inital version. Info section finished. Contact section finished. Install section finished.

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